Is there supposed to be a manual for whale watching?

The Ultimate Tenerife Whale Watching Guide: Things Should Be In Your Checklist

Why yes! You do not just plan, visit the trip, sit on the shore and eventually enjoy. Well, maybe that’s a really good way as it’s what we usually do. But it is not really just about watching them dip and after that gaping at how marvelous they swim. This guide will provide you the to-do list that you need to bring when you visit Tenerife. Don’t worry because they’re practical and efficient.

The Five Things You Need To Tick-Off

• Don’t be shy–ask the ship operators.
Ask them concerning the ideal spot where you can watch the whales carefully. Ask them about the best period of the day. Surely, they’ve been educated and been very familiar to it.

• Bring the best suited jacket.
Make certain it’s windproof, and needless to say, watertight. You are going to be exposed to water splashes and even though it seems fun to get wet while on the ship because it provides you the vacation vibes, it may reduce your focus on the whales’ show-off. Also, it would really be chilly so it’s a great choice to bring this kind of jacket.

• Shield yourself from the Sun.
It’s indeed good to feel the heat of the Sun however, the damaging rays could damage your skin and the glares could blind you, preventing you from appreciating the scene. Thus, protect that skin using Sunblock lotion and wear those trendy pair of sunnies.

• Conquer your seasickness.
If you’ve got the tendency to feel uncomfortable on sea vehicles, then you may have to think about staying on the part of the ship where you won’t feel helpless and scared. You can just relax in the bow or in the middle part of the vessel as long as it won’t lessen your enjoyment. Also bring with you some Meclizine, or medicines used to prevent nausea and nausea.

• Sit having an expert.
It may sound nerdy, and dull but this is what makes this particular article the supreme Tenerife whale watching guide. An expert concerning the sea and its wonderful creatures can give you the best experience because not just you like the view but you also learn and comprehend them. Knowing more about it is not a boring experience. It will make you a better person since it will definitely inspire you to consider resolutions to the problems the environment faces.

Are you prepared?

I know the list has just made you more enthused. If you have thought of other things which you can add because they know they can be helpful, go ahead and write them down. It is better to bring a guide with you rather than being a passive traveler. You can enjoy a holiday the most when you meet specific things since it can make it even more memorable!