“Tube Phobia”: Why Do They Place Tubes in Ears?

As you may have read from medical books or maybe from online posts, among the procedures that physicians would suggest for you if your child gets an ear infection is positioning of an ear tube (tympanostomy tube in medical conditions ).

As scary as it appears, there is nothing to fret about as ear tube placement is just one of the remedies which is indicated in cases of acute ear infection, or if the ear infection seems to be recurrent in a speed more than that which is considered the standard for children of the age.
Now, let’s get to the bottom of this tube business. Why Do They Place Tubes in Ears?
To make matters easier for us to figure out this, let’s imagine that our ears are like funnels. At a funnel, there’s a tube which functions to drain the fluid so as to prevent spillage when transferring fluids into a container using a smaller gap. In the same way, the Eustachian tubes within our ears work in that way. Not only are they present to normalize the pressure inside the ear, they also function as a drainage for virtually any fluid present within the middle ear area and protect against accumulation of such.

But when these Eustachian tubes get swollen because of an infection or trauma, or when mucus blocks the passageway because of an existing respiratory disease, fluid accumulates, causing the majority of the symptoms of an ear infection such as hearing and pain and or balance issues. In acute situations, they get badly block that an artificial drainage has to be made to alleviate the pressure. If nothing is to be accomplished with this condition, it could further induce harm, ultimately resulting in hearing loss if untreated aerodigestive medicine OKC .

That is the place where the ear tubes come in.
Under general anaesthesia, an otolaryngologist, a physician specializing in caring for the ears, would need to make a small incision at the youngster’s ears and add a small tube in the slit. By this way, an artificial vent is placed, relieving the pressure by letting the air in and the fluid out, preventing any bacterial growth. Simply speaking, the ear tube has functioned as a temporary Eustachian tube until this time the latter has regained its usual function.

So, really, there is not anything to be afraid in placing ear tubes on children. It’s relatively safe, and it finally saves the child from experiencing complications of suffering hearing loss. Have them checked as soon as you can, and save yourself from stress.